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An ardent propagator of learning from a very young age, it was my dream to bring quality education to the Bundelkhand region. I envisioned a state-of-the-art educational campus equipped with all modern facilities, quality education focused on real world application, and a nurturing environment where each student could excel and achieve his/ her full potential.

The complexities and competition of modern society demand, more than ever, the enabling tools of a technical education. At IMEC we continually strive to identify and combine contemporary information and experiences with traditional knowledge. The Engineering Program at IMEC aims at fostering an environment where – industry engaged education, hands on training, and current trends and skills, are given precedence; and where the discovery, dissemination, and application of knowledge are synergistically balanced.

We encourage students to, work towards understanding and addressing relevant world issues, question traditional approaches, and enhance capabilities to better meet the challenges of the professional world.

It is my hope that at IMEC, you find a place that cultivates your academic goals as well as general interests and readies you to accept and face life’s numerous challenges. I wish you much success in this new phase. May you unlock your infinite potential at INIFITY.

Dr. Sudha Malaiya


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