Department of Mechanical Engineering

About the Institute

The Department of Mechanical engineering was established in the year 2008 with an objective of imparting current and cutting-edge knowledge in the various areas of mechanical engineering. The primary objective of the department is to cultivate competent professionals and to fulfill the growing requirements of a thriving manufacturing industry in India, aided by the thrust on Make in India, by the Government of India. The aim of the department is to equip students with all theoretical, practical and social tools required to succeed in their chosen places of work and fulfill the expertise and manpower needs of the industry. The department also strives to inculcate in students an innovative mind set and an ability to adapt and evolve.

About the Department

The department has evolved over time to keep pace with the rapidly evolving technological changes and challenges, while maintaining a strong base in the fundamental aspects of Mechanical Engineering. Students are encouraged to adopt an interdisciplinary approach to learning, since growth and development in Mechanical Engineering increasingly borrows from numerous other science and engineering disciplines.

The department has state of the art instructional and research laboratories, equipped with scientific instruments & systems, machinery & software.

The Department offers a Diploma, bachelors (B. Tech ME) and masters (M.Tech.) program in Mechanical Engineering.

As per the vision and mission, the department of mechanical engineering seeks to advance knowledge and technology by providing high-quality teaching, original research, and practical applications in the fields of mechanical and related sciences. We work hard to include the most recent advancements in mechanical engineering.
The Institute focuses on developing leadership, managerial and interpersonal skills among students, in addition to subject knowledge.
Students are also continuously encouraged by our committed faculty to participate in research work, which eventually gives them an edge in procuring placements.
Fully equipped labs, with state of the art equipment, machinery and software are available for students to gain practical and hands-on knowledge.
At every stage of their academic programme, IMEC make an effort to give our students a positive, fruitful, and fulfilling experience as they explore the fascinating world of mechanical engineering.
Best wishes,
Mr.Akash Tomar
Head of the Department and Associate Professor,