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Seminar / Workshops / FDPs / Trainings / Expert Lectures:
Name of Program Topic
Expert Lecture Advance surveying instruments (Total Station, Digital Theodolite)
Expert Lecture Construction Material By Mycem Cement
Expert Lecture Entry schemes in Indian Armed Forces with Special Reference to Indian Navy
Expert Lecture Managerial Economics
Expert Lecture Laser
Expert Lecture Stay Stress Free In Your Job, Adopt An Entrepreneurial Mindset
Expert Lecture Demonetization
FDP Teachers Training Practices & Learner’s Investment in English Language
FDP Understanding Personal Finance
FDP NBA Accreditation
Seminar Startup & Entrepreneurship
Seminar Study of Building Material by Mycem  cement
Seminar Building Construction Techniques
Webinar A Perfect Cup of Tea Can Change Your Life
Workshop Material Testing
Workshop Structural Analysis by Stadd Pro
Workshop Building Drawing by AutoCAD
Workshop Linear and Angular Measurement by Total Station
Workshop Levelling of ground surface by Autolevel
Workshop Measurement of Field by Plane table surveying
Workshop Webinar UPSC & Govt Exam Preparation
Training AutoCAD
Training Aptitude/ Reasoning
Training PI / Verbal etc
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Placements Partners:

Industry Interface – The Department of Civil Engineering has a collaboration with Heidelberg cement and Gammon India which exposes the students to all the current industry technology and practices. Additionally hands on training is imparted by industrial experts during regular field visits to road and other civil construction sites, bridges, dams, and railway lines.