60 spacious and fully equipped hardware and software labs are used to train students in - Applied Mechanics, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Sciences, Electronics and, Communication. All the necessary tools and equipments required for all technical fields of study are available in the labs.

Mechanical Engineering Labs

The labs are equipped with all necessary tools and machines - from lathes and basic models of engines and engineering mechanics, to full-fledged fluid mechanics, mechanics of machines, theory and dynamics of machines, refrigeration and air-conditioning, automobile, strength of materials, thermal engineering, metrology and measurement, mechatronics, and CAD/CAM labs. Our experienced faculty ensures that students are given an opportunity to practically use all machines both in-house and during industry visits.

Electronics & Communication Labs

Labs have the latest equipment, upgraded as per industry requirements. Labs Include - Analog & Digital communication, Electronic Devices and Circuits, Microprocessors & Microcontrollers, VLSI Design, Embedded Systems, Optical Communication & Microwave Communication, Communication Network & Transmission, TV & Antenna Labs, DSP & Networks, Embedded System, Electrical Machines, Electron Devices, PCB Lab, Project Lab, Robotics Lab, among others.

Civil Engineering Labs

All the labs of Civil Engineering Department are equipped with the latest machines and survey equipment and software. The lab has – Total Station, Dumpy levels, Autocad, equipment required for - Advance survey Designs, Fluid Mechanics, Construction Technology & Building Materials, Soil Testing, Strength of Materials, etc. Additionally, hands-on training is imparted by experts during regular field visits to the road and other civil construction sites, bridges, dams, and railway lines.

Computer Science Labs

All labs are networked and have the latest hardware configuration, TFT Monitors, departmental libraries, and licensed software. Computer Lab 1 is equipped with over 450 General Purpose Systems, that enable students to write C/C++/Java and Python based programs. Computer Lab 2 has 100 computer systems that are used for research purposes. Computer Lab 3 has 60 computer systems for mock placement written test sessions to prepare students for campus recruitment process of various companies.

Information Technology Labs

RDBMS Lab, Data Structures Lab, Web Technology Lab, Cloud Computing Lab, Graphics Lab & CN Office Suite Labs are the various other labs that are available for practical exposure of students for smooth conduct of Cloud and Grid Computing experiments, Internet Programming, Mobile Application Development, database and graphics softwares. The IoT lab is under construction and will be equipped with test bench, connectivity devices, industrial sensors, RFID antennae and handheld machines, RFID tags, digital controllers, etc. that enable students to simulate, design, develop and test industrial use cases that include the Operational Technology (OT) component, Information Technology (IT) component, security and visualisation.

Language Labs

The knowledge of English language and excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, is an asset for all students. The language lab conducts special programs related to written and conversational English and is taught by experts to develop fluency and confidence.