Scope of Engineering

Scope of Engineering

Electronics & Communication (EC)

Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE) involves researching, designing, developing and testing of electronic equipment used in various systems. Electronics and Communications engineers also conceptualize and oversee the manufacturing of communications and broadcast systems.

The present ICT revolution is owing to the development of Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE). Electronics today have improved productivity (speed & effectiveness) and sophistication of technology. Current communication technologies – internet, fiber optics, radio, mobile/landline/wireless, television, cable TV, microprocessors and computers, etc. are all marvels of electronics and communication engineering.

The team comprises of qualified and experienced faculty, focused on establishing, maintaining and advancing a broad understanding of current and relevant concepts of electronics and communication in order for students to achieve their academic and professional goals. The Department strives to develop professionals who are well versed with the study and application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism, to enable high degrees of efficiency.

The department’s laboratories are well equipped with the latest hardware and software to facilitate the pursuit of practical knowledge.
In-house laboratories are available for – VLSI Design |Communication System | DSP & Networks | Microprocessor & Microcontrollers | Digital & Linear Integrated Circuits | Microwave and Optical | Embedded System | Electrical Machines | Electron Devices | PCB Lab| Project Lab | Robotics Lab |Antenna

The department has a strong association with professional bodies like IEEE & ISTE

The department promotes continuous learning and research in core and emerging areas with the help of the RGPV Alumni club.

VLSI design Engineering | Digital Communication | Signal Processing | Telecommunications Engineering | Instrumentation Engineering | Nanotechnology | Robotics | Embedded Systems | Microwave Engineering | High Speed Automated Processors in Embedded Systems and Image Processors

This field has an opportunity in three types of industries – Electronics, Telecom, and Software. An electronics and communication engineer can work in – aviation and avionics, consumer electronics, electricity plant, manufacturing, distribution, communication & telecommunication, computer application, radio & television, analytical equipment manufacturing, offshore industries, and public sector

Industrial Manufacturing Engineers | Electronics Engineer | Field Test Engineer | Network Planning Engineer | Technical Director | Electronics and Communications Consultant | Customer Support Engineer | Electronics Technician | Research and Development Software Engineer | Service Engineer | Senior Sales Manager

Computer Science Engineering (CSE)

CSE applies the principles of computer science and mathematical analysis to the design, development, testing, and evaluation of the software and systems that make computers work. The all-pervasive scope of internet (e-marketing, e-banking, social media consumption, medical transcription, etc.) has made the use of hardware and software an essential part of the developmental process. The job prospects for computer engineers are among the most lucrative and are growing exponentially year on year, in comparison to all other branches of engineering. The department is aimed at promoting highly Ethical and Innovative Computer Professionals through excellence in teaching, training and research.

The department is led by an experienced and committed team of dynamic faculty members who strive to achieve excellence in teaching and molding future computer professionals who can meet the challenges of the highly competitive software market.

Computer Lab 1 is equipped with over 450 General Purpose Systems, that enable students to write C/C++/Java and Python based programs.
Computer Lab 2 has 100 computer systems that are used for research purposes.
Computer Lab 3 has 60 computer systems for mock placement written test sessions to prepare students for campus recruitment process of various companies.

The IoT lab is under construction and will be equipped with test bench, connectivity devices, industrial sensors, RFID antennae and handheld machines, RFID tags, digital controllers, etc. That enable students to simulate, design, develop and test industrial use cases that include the Operational Technology (OT) component, Information Technology (IT) component, security and visualisation.

RDBMS Lab, Data Structures Lab, Web Technology Lab, Cloud Computing Lab, Graphics Lab & CN Office Suite Labs are the various other labs that are available for practical exposure of students for smooth conduct of Cloud and Grid Computing experiments, Internet Programming, Mobile Application Development, database and graphics softwares.

The department has a strong association with many professional bodies, facilitating industry experience for the students.

The Department of Computer Science Engineering has Red Hat Academy and in-house Amazon Web Services (AWS) trainings which enables students to validate their knowledge as per the growing and changing demands of the IT industry. The department has signed an MOU with Netlink and MediaMint to enable technical skilling of students, software training and Faculty Development Programmes, besides R&D activities. The department also promotes continuous learning and research in core and emerging areas with help of “INFINITIAN” club that has been developed with the sole purpose of learning and ideation.

Artificial Intelligence | Computer Graphics | Robotics | Software Engineering | Telecommunications Engineering

Software Developers | Hardware Engineers | System Designer | System Analyst | Networking Engineers | DBA (Database Administrator)

Civil Engineering (CE)

Civil Engineering is the oldest professional engineering discipline, broken into several sub-disciplines including – environmental, geotechnical, structural, transportation, water resources, materials, coastal, surveying, and construction engineering. The Scope of Civil Engineering exists in both the public and private sectors. Civil engineers play a key role in the design, construction, maintenance, and development of new and existing facilities and structures.

The team comprises of dynamic individuals dedicated to developing students by enabling a deep understanding of fundamental principles and dedication to Rashtriya Nirman.

All the labs of Civil Engineering Depratment are equipped with the latest machines and survey equipment and software. The facility has – TotalStation, Dumpy levels, Autocad, equipment for – Advance survey Designs, Fluid Mechanics, Construction Technology & Building Materials, Soil Testing, Strength of Materials, etc. Additionally hands on training is imparted by experts during regular field visits to road and other civil construction sites, bridges, dams, and railway lines.

The department has a strong association with professional bodies like ICI Bhopal facilitating industry experience for the students.

The Department of Civil Engineering has a collaboration with Heidelberg cement and Gammon India which exposes the students to all the current industry technology and practices.

3D modeling| Computer Graphics | structure Analysis| Architectural Design

Architectural Engineers | CAD Designer | Structural Analyst | Structural Engineers | Site Supervisors | Project Manager

Mechanical Engineering (ME)

Mechanical Engineering is amongst the most diverse field of engineering and influences all aspects of our life. It lies at the cross roads of all engineering disciplines and is one of the most popular areas of study. It is an engineering discipline that was developed from the application of principles of physics and materials science. Mechanical engineering involves the analysis, design, manufacturing, and maintenance of various systems. It is one of the oldest and broadest engineering disciplines.

Department of Mechanical Engineering offers four year BE Degree in Mechanical Engineering. It is headed by a team of experienced and energetic faculty members.

Laboratories are available for Engineering Practices – Manufacturing Technology | Fluid Mechanics and Machinery | Strength of Materials | Thermal Engineering | Dynamics | Metrology and Measurement | Mechatronics | CAD/CAM

The Department is associated with the Indian Society of Mechanical Engineers (ISME).

The department is highly connected with industry through which students are exposed to industry practices. Guest lectures by eminent industrialists, visits to industrial houses and Factories enhance the quality of education being imparted. Students are engaged in industry assignments, internships and projects. Students have undergone In-plant training at various factories like Hyundai, Ashok Leyland, Ford Motors, Spic, etc.

Manufacturing Engineering | Aerodynamics | Aerospace Propulsion | Aerospace Structure | Thermal Energy and Environmental Engineering | Refrigeration and Air Conditioning |Mechatronics and robotics | Thermodynamics and thermo-science| Design and drafting | Finite element analysis | Computational fluid dynamics | Acoustical engineering | Nanotechnology

Automobile Industries | Aerospace Industries | Steel Plants | Computer Industries | Postal Departments | Banking Sectors | Government Sector | Thermal plants and gas turbine manufacturers | Shipping industry | Engineering consultancies

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